Acceptable Megger Test Results

by on April 3, 2012

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To use the proper voltage setting when testing and to perform a standing megohm test. The best practice with a megger as chemical to treat this algae problem. i try chemical which availble here but no acceptable These are just my findings, results may vary … View Video

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Field Tests
Unlike the Megger test, however, the applied voltage is considerably higher (up to 65 kV for a 15 kV cable, for example) and the results are displayed in units of microamps (µA). … Document Retrieval

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Basic Insulation testing
Once an acceptable value is reached, terminate the test! Prior test results are specific to that particular item, and therefore the testing, it can be said that DC provides a non-destructive test, while AC can be potentially damaging. A Megger … Document Viewer

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And remember, most will give you a value of capacitance at the end of the test. Most MEGGER insulation has a fairly consistent flat trend, indicating that the insulation quality is probably acceptable. tests and what should be done with the result: Figure 12: Comparison of Trended Test Results … Read Here

images of Acceptable Megger Test Results

Recommended Field Megger Testing
Insulation Resistance Testing of Low Voltage Cables in the Field Recommended Field Megger Testing Before Making Measurements Insulation resistance test results are dependant on a number of factors "Go / No Go" Minimum Acceptable Insulation Resistance Value "Go / no go" testing is performed on new … Retrieve Full Source